Bomb it 6

Are you ready for the next instalment from the bomb it series? Well this is it! The amazing and truly fantastic bomb it 6!
Are you already an avid fan of the bomb it family? A new gamer? Either way you will have many hours of enjoyment trying to conquer this new addition to the family.

Bomb it arena –  involves using bombs to ensure you get through each level without being destroyed by your enemies. You do this by bombing your enemies first and making a safe path in order for you to reach the end. The bonus of this game is that you can play it by yourself or if you want to show off your gaming skills to your friends you can request the two player option.


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The controls for this game are easy to use as the creators have tried to make it as simple as possible for gamers using a PC. There are only a few keys that need to be used for e.g. a key dedicated to dropping bombs only and arrow keys to move your avatar through the game.

Remember if there are obstacles in your way the arrow keys will not work as you need to bomb these first before you can go any further. You can also refer back to the help section at the start of the game if you need to refresh your memory on the rules of the game



The objective of bomb it 6 is to bomb as many enemies as possible in order to gain as many of the points available for that level in the game. Your avatar also needs to move through the game by removing any objects in its path. How do you do this? Bomb your way through! Don’t stay too close though or it could be the end of the game for you if you do!


There are many levels included in this game which will provide you with hours of entertainment as you try to overcome the obstacles in each section while trying not to get your avatar killed. You will begin the game at level 1 and progress to level 2, level 3 etc. The better you become at this game, the higher the level you will reach and the more points you will receive.

It’s time to start playing bomb it 6!





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