Bomb it 10

Are you ready for something different? What about a PC based game that lets you call the shots or more aptly the bombs! Bomb it 10 is a simple to use game which puts you in charge by getting you to detonate bombs in order to defeat your opponents.

It provides suspense and keeps you enthralled you throughout. There is no time for boredom in this sequel of the bomb it series. In keeping with true bomb it style you exterminate your enemy by bombing them from the game.

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You will love it, your friends will love it and even your pet may love it too. It is time to face the challenge of a lifetime with bomb it 10!


This game is pretty simple to use as there are only a few keys that need to be used to successfully complete each level. You will be provided with instructions on how to move your avatar and detonate bombs (the fun part!). You can detonate as many bombs as you like but try not to let yourself get caught up in the crossfire or otherwise it is bye bye! There are instructions on the specific keys to use at the very beginning of the game and it would be worth reading before attempting your first mission.


You have two different player options in this game which means you can play it on your own as a one player or with a friend or loved one in the two player mode. There is a main menu at the beginning of the game which gives you access to the game, instructions that need to be followed to play the game correctly and the option to try out other bomb it games in the series. You can choose from a number of different avatars to be you while competing in this game and also choose specific options such as the amount of enemies you will have to face at each level. Once you have made all of your options you are ready to begin!  Once you start, you will not be able to stop.

>> Click Here To Play Bomb it 10 <<



The main aim of this game is to annihilate your opponents before they get to you. If they drop a bomb on you then its game over! So remember to get the enemy first before they attack. At each level there will be different barriers for you to overcome and these will get progressively harder as the game goes on. Anything that is in your way needs to be destroyed. You can pick up some nice bonus points too for removing these.


With a number of levels to choose from you will be spoilt for choice as to which is your favourite. You will always start with the easiest level and work your way to the hardest level at the very end. Think you can make it that far? I am sure you will have many hours of fun trying. The question is, are you ready for bomb it 10?



Ready, Set, Bomb!

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