Bomb it 2

The first Bomb It game became really popular in just few weeks. People from all around the world played it. So, after some time – Bomb It 2 was released. This game is more fun in my opinion, and it is great for beginners as well.

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Your goal is easy – plant bomb and make sure they eliminate the other players as fast as possible. They will try to do the same thing (to make you lose!) so you must be very careful. I am sure that at first this game may seem really easy, but believe me – it’s changeling for sure. I can’t say it is harder than the previous game – but I like it more actually 馃檪 The graphics are really cool now, and the background music is pretty relaxing (a nice bonus !).

>> Click Here To Play Bomb It 2 <<


If you found Bomb It 2 interesting and fun, why not share it with your friends? I am 100% sure they will enjoy it very much as well. Also, feel free to play the other Bomb It games on our website. All of them can be found here, and guess what – they are completely free, so enjoy !



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