Bomb it 3

Do you like destroying your enemies? Crave a challenge? Want a fun game to play? If you answered yes to any of these questions then bomb it 3 is the game for you.

It is the third instalment from the creators of the bomb it series. The game itself is easy to navigate that even children have no problems playing this game for hours on end. Are you a parent and want to keep your child busy? Or how about playing it with them? With a one or two player option this game can be enjoyed on your own or with friends and family

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To move throughout the game you can use your keyboard by using the enter button, space bar to drop your bombs and arrow keys to move around the arena.

Included at the start of the game is a section that explains how to play the game. You should have a read through this first in order to get the best possible score on your first try. The music that is provided can be muted on your computer if you need to play this game in silence or do not like the music. Remember the space bar detonates the bombs! This is probably the most important thing to remember as this is how you will get your avatar around the arena.


With this game you can choose the single or two player options. You begin the game by selecting ‘play’. This will then provide you with the opportunity to select your difficulty level, how many enemies you want to destroy and the level for each section of the game. Want to play in a certain arena? Then you have the option to choose. How about playing in the shopping mall or the aqua park?To begin playing the game you need to select a character you want to be. There are some wonderful and creative avatars to choose from.

>> Click Here To Play Bomb It 3 <<



Bomb it 3 was created in order to provide players with the opportunity to progress through each level by using bombs to destroy their enemies and enable them move through the game effortlessly. You collect bonus points as you pick up gifts that have been provided for making your way through obstacles that have been placed in your way. You will get hours of enjoyment from this game!


There are 15 levels in total in bomb it 3. The first level is the easiest level to complete. As you successfully complete level 1 you will automatically begin level 2 which will be slightly more difficult. This is an ongoing process as the further up the levels you get the harder the game becomes. Think you are ready for that? The more you continue to play this game the better you will become and the more likely you will be able to beat your friends and family. Keep at it and you will soon notice your ability improving and your scores increasing.

Good Luck! It’s time to start bombing!

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