Bomb it 4

Have you heard of the bomb it games? Bomb it 4 is the fourth game to be created in this series using you guessed it? Bombs of course! In this game you use the bombs to destroy your enemies and help you to navigate through the game.

It is a simple game to use and will have the whole family entertained or perhaps fighting for access to the PC so that they can play this game. It will keep the children entertained for hours with the colourful and likeable characters it has.

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In order to navigate through this game you first choose the avatar you would like to play with. There is also a help section included in the game which provides information on moving around the game and detonating bombs.

If you do not like the music being played for this game you can always adjust the sound settings on your PC. You can use the arrow keys and space bar to move your avatar around the game forward and back or side to side and of course to detonate those bombs which are going to help you to increase your score. Once you have detonated a bomb remember to get your avatar out of the way as you do not want to be caught in the explosion!


Playing Bomb it 4 is easy as it uses simple instructions to guide you through each level. In order to begin the game you just need to select the option ‘start’ and this will take you to the options menu where you can choose the number of players. You can have either 1 or 2 players. You can then choose to have 1, 2 or 3 enemies depending on how confident you feel at destroying them. You can also choose the type of arena you would like to play in for e.g. the Egyptian tomb or pizza restaurant being only a couple of the options for you to choose from. The last step is to decide on the difficulty level. You choose whether to start on the easy level or you can progress to the more difficult options.

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The purpose of Bomb it 4 is to complete a level in order to move on to the next. There are 20 levels in total that you need to be successfully completed in order to complete the entire game. You will find that there will be things in your way so you need to remove these in order to get through each level. Bombing your enemies or anything blocking your path is the best chance of succeeding in this game.


As you progress from the very first level you will notice the difficulty increasing. This will continue throughout the game so to get to the end you need to master each level before proceeding. Think you can do this? There are 20 separate games and levels to achieve in order for you to become a well deserved champion of bomb it 4.

Are you ready?

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