Bomb It 8

Bomb it 8 is another successful sequel to the ever popular bomb it 7. Sticking with the same principles of the other bomb it games in the series the aim is to use bombs to beat the enemy and move successfully through the game. If you are looking for a PC based game that provides excitement and a very cool challenge then you have selected the right game.

You decide when and where to drop your bombs in this game. However, you do not get to choose where your enemy drops their bombs. You have to keep yourself away from the enemy’s bombs in order to survive. Do not stay too close to your own bombs when you detonate them as you may become your own casualty and fail your mission.

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You are guaranteed lots of fun and exciting challenges with this game!


At the beginning of bomb it 8 there is a section where you can read the rules and procedures of the game. This will also guide you through the specific commands and keys that are relevant for this game. This is where you learn to drop bombs and move your avatar.


To begin bomb it 8 you will need to select the start button on the first screen. Navigating through the game is very simple as you just need to choose up, down, left or right on the arrow keys. You also need to know how to drop those bombs! This is done by pressing the space key. You are also able to tailor each game to meet your requirements by changing the difficulty levels or the number of enemies which will be in your game. It may be appropriate to begin the game on the easiest level at the beginning so that you can get used to the levels of each section. You can increase the difficulty the more confident you become. You also get to choose your special character for this game which is also known as an avatar.

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The purpose of bomb it 8 is to destroy as many enemies as possible by bombing them. You will gain more points the more enemies you destroy! You will find objects or walls preventing you from moving through the game. These again need to be bombed for you to pass through and gain even more points. Remember in order to win you need to bomb bombbomb!


There are numerous levels in this game, all with a different background in order to prevent you from becoming bored and keep you motivated to reach the end of the game. Think you can handle it? Remember as you reach a higher and higher level each one will become harder to complete. The number of enemies you have to face will also increase so this will definitely keep you on your guard. With this in mind do you still think you can win? You better getting bombing then! Think you are up to the challenge?

Ready, Set, Bomb!

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