Bomb It Arena


Bomb It Arena is a super fun game ! You have to smash the other players and win each level – as fast as possible. It won’t be easy – but after some time you will get a hold of it. Each level is more challenging than the previous one, so how far can you reach ?

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The controls for this game are easy to use as the creators have tried to make it as simple as possible for gamers using a PC. There are only a few keys that need to be used for e.g. a key dedicated to dropping bombs only and arrow keys to move your avatar through the game.

>> Click Here To Play Bomb It Arena <<


Remember if there are obstacles in your way the arrow keys will not work as you need to bomb these first before you can go any further. You can also refer back to the help section at the start of the game if you need to refresh your memory on the rules of the game




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