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There are millions of games online. In fact, every day – hundreds of new games are released. In the past, it was really difficult and expensive to develop games – especially mobile ones. You had to hire a programmer, pay him a lot of money, and even than – there are no guarantees that you will get exactly what you planned. These days – everyone can develop games – even without knowing how to write one line of a code ! How is that possible? well, the answer is simple – using special software and services.

maze 5

One of the most popular game categories now is the scary games. It seems that most people now are bored from all the regular games like Snail Bob for example. These games are fun, but there are thousends of similar ones. Many like Scary Games, because they are unique – and you get surprised and scared each and every time. I persoanlly played many racing games in the past – but now I really prefer scary games. Much more fun in my opinion.

My favorite scary game can be downloaded to Android phones for free. I am talking about this app :聽聽. This one app contains many scary mazes and games. All of them are really fun, and you can prank your friends as well.

play scary

The聽Play Scary Maze Game app is free, but I don’t know if that will same like that in the future as well. Apps as good as this one many times are free at the beginning, and then cost a dollar or two. Download it now 馃檪 The app is updated from time to time and bugs are fixes all the time. I heard聽that in the future new mazes and other scary games will be added. I persoanlly prefer this app over the others because it contains so many scary games. You don’t have to download them separately and waste your time and storage space.

Please comment below and tell me if you liked this app as much as I did ! Try pranking your friends with this app and tell me how it went ! Maybe you should film that with another smartphone and upload it. It will be funny for sure ! I persoanlly pranked almost all my friend with these scary maze games. One of them even unfriended me on Facebook after that ! This was funny, but I defiantly would not prank him if I knew that this will be his reaction.


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