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Every single day – hundreds of new Flash games are released. Because of that – it is not surprising that there are thousends of gaming portals. Some of them are well known and are visited by millions every day. One of these portals is Kizi. This website contains hundreds of great games – some are exclusive. Today I will list some of my favorite gaming portals – just like Kizi.


Some of the world’s most popular games and mobile apps were made by this company. Did you hear about 8ball Pool for example? well, it was developed by Miniclip. On their website you can find thousands of games. I persoanlly really like this website because it is easy to use, and there is a huge selection of games. They update the games and add new ones on regular basis. Bookmark this website and visit them. The games there are divided into categories like Shooting, Adventure and others. This makes finding games you like easier.



This website is fairly new (just few months old), but I like it very much. The reason for that is the quality of the games. It looks like they hand-pick the games and post only the best ones. You really won’t find boring games there. The website is updated every single day. The games are divided into many different categories – you can even find girls games there. The website is super easy to use and there are no annoying ads. I am sure that in the future this website will be really popular and well known. I visit it on daily basis and trust me – the games are amazing – really fun ! You can also Play Games at Plimpi with friends since they have many multi player and online games.


Big Fish Games

In the past this company was one of the biggest game distributors in the world. These days they are well known as well, but surely not as popular as in the past. And still, I think their games are great. They are unique and fun. Their website is pretty easy to navigate in. I do want to mention that they have many fun casino games – which is pretty cool. Many of the games cost money – so keep that in mind (but they are not expensive).

big fish

I hope that this list will be useful ! You can comment below and tell us about your favorite gaming websites and portals. If they are good, we will add them to this list !

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