Bomb It

Bomb It is a very interesting game series. Many people around the world like it very much and play the games on daily basis. I personally find this games very entertaining. After playing the first Bomb It game – I got hooked !

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The Bomb It 1 game is super fun. Your goal is fairly simple – insert the bombs in the right place and eliminate all the other players – as quickly as you can. This won’t be easy at all  because they will try to do the same thing and make you lose !

After some time you will understand the “little secrets” in this game and completing the levels will become even easier. If you never played the game before, then don’t be surprised if you will lose fairly quickly at first. It seems easy, but as I mentioned – it really is not.

>> Click Here To Play Bomb It <<


If you liked the first Bomb It game, make sure you play the other games from the series. You can find all of them on our website. We update it on monthly basis, and once a new game is released- we post it here as well. Feel free to also share it with your friends and family – I am sure they will like the game as well.

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